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Make Traveling Easy with these essential items...

I am a travel enthusiast and over the years I have collected these items that are ESSENTIAL for me when I travel. So instead of you wasting money and time I will be your travel packing bestie. 

       First thing first, luggage, I personally travel with a carry-on because I hate to check in a bag but of course if you are an over packer or traveling for a long period the best and most effective luggage is the Béis Luggage.

     Next, packing cubes, this item changed the game for me. There are a variety of brands out there and honestly they all have the same effect. This item allows you to separate your clothes into sections and make it easier to find items and pack them in your luggage. This item is an absolute must have when traveling.

     This next item isn't essential for everyone but for my girls and guys that love to accessorize this is an important item that prevents necklaces from tangling, jewelry from getting lost, and watches not getting scratched. A jewelry organizer has become a must have for me when traveling and honestly I use it for nights I'm getting ready elsewhere or if I'm spending the night at a friends. This is an affordable option that fits a lot, then you have a bigger option

     The key to traveling and making it less of a hassle is having a place to put everything, this next item is essential for my guys and girls, a toiletry bag. For my girls we need two: one for skincare and hair products then an additional for makeup. For the gentlemen there is only one you need and it fits more than you can imagine.

   Lastly, when traveling it is always a good idea to have one bag with you on the airplane and ladies if you do not have one yet you should definitely get one, a tote bag. Now you do not have to get this specific one but I highly recommend it because it fits a lot of items and is made from high quality material so it will not rip or tear.

     That pretty much covers the basic necessities when traveling, if you want to go the extra route you can also get items like dust bags for your purses, shoe bags to prevent dirt from the shoes, you can even get covers for your makeup brushes or beauty blender

    Hopefully you found this useful, and even if you do not like to travel these are all good gifts to give for someone you know who loves to travel. 

Stay tuned in for more travel tips. 

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