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How to Stock your Home Bar

Martini Set

These items are essential for any home bar to make a variety of cocktails



You cannot have a bar without the essential tools necessary to make a simple cocktail or even a fancy one.



Glasses are important for making your home bar feel like a mini bar. Essential glassware are:

  1. Shot glasses 

  2. Short glasses

  3. Wine glasses

  4. Champagne glasses

(The champagne glasses can be used for martinis as well)



A bar has to have vodka, tequila, whiskey, gin, and wine (red or white). Optional liquor in my opinion is rum and champagne. 


The works

These items consist of the extra liquors to make cocktails such as bitters, dry vermouth, kahula, simple syrup and cointreau.


What is All things Mia

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Welcome to my world

Everything your heart desires.

Hello world, my name is Mia Panlilio and welcome to my official blog site. Before I get into the facts about myself I want to make it very clear that all blogs I post are strictly MY OPINIONS! I have to put it in all caps so I do not get sued, but in all seriousness I plan on sharing all my thoughts and stories I've navigated through this wonderful thing we call life, and some things I say people might not like but I personally do not care because that is the reason I made this blog, For ME! Anywho here are some facts you should know, I am born and raised in Tampa, Florida but I recently moved to the big apple also known as New York city. My mother was born in Costa Rica and my father was born in the Philippines (they ironically met working at a Koren restaurant), I have one older sister (who recently started acting like my parent :) and currently no pets. I created this blog to be selfish, to make it all about me and my thoughts on life, fashion opinions, personal recipes, sharing ideas but also sharing all the things I have been taught, all the things I'm learning and navigating through life, all the hot spot restaurants, spas, placing to see in a city you may be traveling. I am so excited to share my tips and tricks with you all and hear all types of feedback and questions. I also have a youtube channel that I will be posting weekly videos on if you like more face action. I cannot wait to show you all things Mia in full action.

Costa Rica in 2019

Nothing but love

I hope my blog resonates with you somehow, I truly am so excited to share my world with yours, nothing in life is easy but I am making it a priority to have fun and be creative in all the ways I see myself. I'm most excited to hear your feedback and thoughts via messaging on the site or in the comment section down below. Feel free to check out my youtube linked in the website to see exclusive videos that can only be found through my website.

Goodbye for now

If you're reading this bottom message I just want to say thank you for taking the time to look at my blog and read a little bit about me.

Not that any of you care but I am currently in Miami hanging out by the pool while typing this blog so I do not know about you but I'm going to sip piña coladas now and tan till I get minor skin cancer, toodles.

Xoxo, do not forget to subscribe and sign up for email notifications so you know when I upload something new :)

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